Don’t be mad at me!

Sorry guys!

I can’t apologize to all of you enough, but many of you guys seem to have found out that I somehow gotten hacked about 12 times over the past 2 years, so I ended up going on mini-hiatuses. I would come back post some things and leave again. My account is at it’s minimal of what I had, so it kinda made me a bit depressed. I’ve been on Fantage during late nights and some of you are amazing and nice enough to come see me often when I host mini parties. So, whoever says otherwise, I appreciate you guys.

Love, Cat.



Oml… The timing thing and the pricing of a lot of things went DOWN! What! I’ve been trying to get a hair and it’s called adorable pigtails (it’s had the purple candy accessories) and I lost it during a hacking and now the coined and gold version is selling for about 20,000. It’s not little, but at least someone is selling it right? I’m gonna hope that one day I’m going to get it back. I’m kind of glad, I’m seeing other hairs that were sold for 10,000 are only 15,000 so I mean it’s better when the kiosks were here and there were like 30k+ prices for unneeded things. All I need to do now, is to get membership to be able to sell some things again :/


Hi there all my lovelies~

Recently, my computer was taken over by some really weird hacker and well now, I’m all good again! I reset my entire computer and changed my password to everything~  I’ll probably be logging on to fantage a little bit more now and I see there’s a lot of things I missed, especially a couple shop designs and even MyMall~ Fantage really has done quite a few things I was away~

To all of my friends and to those who have stayed loyal to me~ I THANK YOU SO DARN MUCH! I couldn’t ask for better support.

I have started to play another virtual game and it’s called IMVU. I’ve met a quite of great people on there and let’s just say, it’s a more realistic alternative to fantage. I started going on club penguin as well! HEHE

All the love~ Cat

OOTD 8/18/16

I don’t own these items, I missed the events and my account is still kind of a disaster so I just wanted to show you how I would have worn these items.


It’s a very fun outfit and I love how it came together.

~Stay Stylish, Catheenred

Fall Fairy Fiasco

Is Fantage really trying to use alliterations now? *clap clap* FINALLY SOMETHING EDUCATIONAL! Sorry, I’m such an English Nerd. Heh.

When you open this: wpfairy You get this:wpfairy&.PNG

When you open this:wpfairy2 You get this:wpfairy3Member~

Brown Fairy Hair: 8,000 stars and 4,000 gold

Round Fairy Glasses: 4,000 stars and 2,000 gold

Blue Ruffles: 6,000 stars and 3,000 gold

Ripped Jeans: 6,000 stars and 3,000 gold

White Sneakers: 3,000 stars and 1,500 gold


Blonde Fairy Hair: 4,000 gold

Pink Bow Hairband: 2,000 gold

Pink Dress with Bow: 5,000 gold

Pink Strappy Flats: 1,500 gold

When you open this: wpfairy8 You get this:wpfairy4wpfairy5wpfairy6wpfairy7

You get notified with this, so don’t go running around for no reason:

wpfairy9 And if you actually open this icon you get this:wpfairy10

~Creds to Meme, who told me that you don’t just wait in the forest, you actually have to run around finding the items~

~Have fun collection, Cathleenred

OOTD 8/16/16

I just went on fantage and a lot of the nons are walking around wearing clothes I HAVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE, where have I been these past months? I’ve been driving myself crazy with test prep and trying to settle everything down. Although I’m still guessing that gold is still not obtainable unless you actually buy it… Oh well. And items that I probably will never see or get again for myself. It’s alright, time will come maybe xD if I try hard enough, I might be able to get membership and a little bit of gold xD WE SHALL SEE. xD





The ponytail is TO DIE FOR, I just need a pair of wings finally, and the look was pulled together after some accessories and a dress. Tell me what you think xD

I’m back

To those who continue to follow me, thank you. I’m still alive and well, school has been driving me completely mental. My schedule is always being messed up and I’m having a hard time trying to get myself back on my feet so I can post again. I hope you can forgive me for leaving you guys. 

~hugs and kisses to all, Cathleenred

New Items

I was unable to get any of them, the pricing is very huge and I’m entirely broke, only 456 gold left… Sighs…

Anyway, I went to Photo Booth and used all of Sophia’s items and made 2 outfits so far. I hope you like them, the seem somewhat similar to  the actual sets but I changed and added a little more. I hope you like them 🙂

wp11a This is probably how I would love to look at my Fantage Wedding in the future, but I adore the Hair TO PIECES!

wp12 For this, a party outfit, I really like the Hair and Crown, I’m just kind of daydreaming right now heh 🙂

Stay Beautiful Lovelies ~Cathleenred

OOTD 4/18/16

I just got off the plane not even 24 hours before and I’m extremely jet-lagged. I’m half functioning, I’m struggling to stay wide awake and just extremely tired. I owe it to you guys to announce I am back.

If none of you knew, last Friday, it was Day of Silence and because I could not really use much of social media, I was unable to post about it. Day of Silence is about how people keep quiet to honor the closeted LGBT+ that are unable to say anything to the ones they care about because they’re not sure how people will react to them. So many people all decide not to say anything to try to fit into the LGBT+ shoes to understand how it feels, and in honor of them, here is a rainbow outfit:


Stay Supportive ~Cathleenred